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Dr. Wesley Arlin Brown

Adventure Author of “COKER: a Mountain’s Man’s Story”

Would you drop everything and rush to the rescue of your two small grandchildren? Of course, you would, and that is what Coker Owen Ford does in this 1906 story of family love. At 75, he is one of the most feared men in the west, a legendary figure, retired with his buddy, Rufe, on a Colorado mountain.


The Last Switchback

Packed with one suspenseful scene after another. A moving account of a much-feared legendary trail guide who has left his cabin in the Rockies once on a mission to save his grandkids and again journeys with his mules to New Mexico for a visit. This visit turns into a dangerous mission to save himself and the family from the danger he has put them in. He has been accused of MURDER! And so, the journey begins again!

dr. wesley arlin brown

About the Author

Wesley Arlin Brown, Greeley, Colorado, was born in New Mexico, a few yards from the dugout house described in the book.

Dr. Wesley Arlin Brown

The author’s book, Coker: A Mountain Man’s Story, is republished in 2021. The e-book is now available for purchase on Amazon as well as its paperback.